„The most recent topic of my artistic research is the crossover between parallel realities, based on site-specific contexts, local history and architecture. In these contexts I intervene, molding new storylines by working with glass, which involves the human body in a very direct and active way. I often „go with the flow“ with my art practice -which means I always let the work develop itself on the location. I give material freedom for unexpected movements and I am
ready for changing my concept if it gives meaning to me in certain time and place. It does not mean that I do not have a plan or do not spend a lot of time to think ahead about the project, but i am ready to transform my plan if needed and if it serve better to my artistic idea. In this context this project where I have to dive in unfamiliar space and use pre-chosen materials is in direct sphere of my interest as an artist. Glass – objects, which can be looked at or glass objects, which are not visible at first sight and function like intruders in these environments, gives me the possibility to establish a balance on the border between the “reality of the past” and the “present reality”. Glass as a mirror or a transparent media itself embodies the border between an existing and non-existing structure. In my glass interventions I establish a concrete but fragile equilibrium between the real object and the abstract object, which is defined only by its own form.“
Maria Koshenkova,
Auf der Ausstellung GlasGrenze, 2017